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St. Michael Parish and School is rooted deep in tradition. The hands and hearts of hard working German Catholic farmers and Irish Catholic railroaders worked together in the early 1900s to build our parish community and celebrated the first Mass in 1919 in the home of J.D O’Sullivan. Parishioners celebrated Mass in our first church on Christmas Day 1919.

As our parish needs grew, plans began to build a school. While our cornerstone on our main building dates 1926, the first school was opened in 1927. It was originally two floors, with four classrooms, and housed 85 children.

St. Michael Parish School is proud of its roots while excelling in the present and reaching out toward the future. We now have wireless internet in all of our buildings, a state of the art technology lab, and computers and iPads in all of our classrooms. Each student in grades 5-8 is assigned a Google Chromebook, and our school uses Google Classroom.

Our school continues to grow and develop and our students, our greatest asset, continue to flourish academically, socially, and most importantly….spiritually.

Just like our founding families, our current families work hand and heart each and every day to help St. Michael Parish and school continue to thrive. St. Michael Parish School is a special place thanks to all of you!