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St. Michael Parish School is excited to offer an extended day program for our working parents. Details of the program are described below. Our director is Sarah Francis; she can be reached at, or 513-687-3303


This program is designed to help working parents of students who are enrolled in full day K to 6th Grade. This service provides care and supervision by adults to our students whose parents may need this service. It is not a “drop-off babysitting service” but a structured environment for our students who have the need. We are required by state law to have a certain number of adults and square footage available per child.

Arrangements must be made in advance, so we know which children to expect on any given day. Monthly calendars are turned in at the beginning of each month to indicate the days you will need Extended Care. There is a two day per week minimum for attendance. (Once you are in the program, we can be more flexible if you need to add a day here, or change your schedule in some way.)

  • The students meet in the cafeteria at 2:50. 
  • After attendance is taken, students are encouraged to change out of their uniforms and into “play clothes” (reduces uniform wear and tear.) 
  • At 3:00, we have mandatory study hall for all students who have homework. Students work on their homework and have it checked by an adult. 
  • Upon completion of homework, the children then have a variety of activities to choose from including playing games, working on puzzles and arts and crafts, playing ping-pong, and playing outside (weather permitting). Every Friday is movie and popcorn day in the cafeteria which the children enjoy since no homework is required that day! 
  • If your child is scheduled to do other “on-campus” activities (such as choir, scouts or after-school art or science) we can take them there and pick them up with your written permission. 


Our hours are from 2:50 to 5:30 PM. The cost will be $11.00 a day per child, regardless of how much time is used. There is also a $15 registration fee per child per school year. Extended Day Care is available every day school is in session, except for early dismissal days. Parents pay for the days that they reserve on their monthly calendar, even if they decide later not to use those days. Payments are to be made at the beginning of each month for the entire month. There is a two-day per week minimum to use the program (if you choose to only do one day a week, you must still pay for a second day).


Our schedule is fairly flexible. You can sign up for all 5 days, or any combination of days. We do ask that you be consistent from week to week in order for us to accommodate as many families as possible.

Please complete the Registration Paperwork and the Tuition Authorization Form and return them as soon as possible. Space may be limited.